Over coming back to work anxieties

We've had a long 6 weeks away from the daily activities and interactions of teaching. After the previous 18 months a lot of use started the holidays overstressed and with our wellbeing at an all time low. It's important not to start a new year feeling the same way. Here are my top 5 things I'll be doing to try and start the year right.


Anxiety the little friend who sits on my shoulder.

This weeks post is about anxiety and how I try to manage it. With the prospect of schools being fully reopened on the 8th my anxiety is high, I’m worried about the risk doing my job will open my family up too and the risks to which my friends, colleagues and I open ourselves up … Continue reading Anxiety the little friend who sits on my shoulder.

Busy doing nothing

Half term is finally here and all teachers and parents can breath a sigh of relief! We are still facing a long road and we need to conserve our strength and health. This week take time for you! Self care is a form of health car and is NOT selfish! This week I'm talking about how I am going to attempt this and hopefully give you some suggestions or motivation to do nothing!