I’m Jane a hypnotherapist, coach, and former teacher. I aim to help people gain clarity on their life and over come challenges. Helping people of all ages to build their resilience and understanding of self-care so that they’re able to move forward with strength and positivity.

I have previously spent 15 years working as a teacher across the UK in all sorts of schools from small village schools in Leicestershire and Kent to city schools in Leeds and London, finally ending up in one of the most deprived areas of Sussex. I’ve also worked across the primary phase, although mostly in Early Years. This involves working closely with families as a whole. As a middle leader, I spent a lot of my time coaching other teachers and even completed a schools coaching practitioner qualification.

As an anxiety sufferer myself I’ve long been interested in holistic self-care, during the pandemic this coupled with the needs of the children to be able to regulate their emotions led me to undertake a lot of CPD around mindfulness. This then led me on a journey to undertake much more CPD in well-being coaching to support parents and teachers, in reiki and ultimately a diploma in hypnotherapy.

My key passion is to support families and teachers in their well-being.

I now use all this knowledge and experience to support others to:

  • Overcome anxiety, stress or burnout
  • Attain their goals
  • Manage pain
  • Create a healthier lifestyle
  • Create a healthier work/life balance

If you are a teacher interested in the following:

  • A sustainable career as a teacher free from stress and burnout.
  • Recognising that there needs to be a shift to allow you to love your job again.
  • Seeking changes in your approach to teaching/life.
  • Wanting to gain a greater sense of work/life balance.
  • Being able to manage toxic environments.
  • Wanting to value and honour yourself more, reinstating your own values and purpose.

Then I may be able to help you.

If you are a head with the following:

  • High numbers of NQT’s
  • A transitioning school
  • Teachers heading towards support plans.

Please contact me for a bespoke package of coaching support.

Please note:

If you are already burnt out, or suffering with depression or anxiety please seek advice from a doctor before you seek support from a coach or hypnotherapist. I may be able to help you but I would only do this after a medical professional has been consulted.

Let’s build something together.