Body Acceptance and Hypnotherapy

When it comes to weight management and body acceptance, the greatest tool you have is yourself! Hypnotherapy isn’t a magic wand that can be waved, to shed those extra pounds, help you put down the third pint of beer or help you accept the bumps and curves just the way they are. So, what is the point of hypnotherapy in this situation?

The answer is easy it stops you from standing in your own way. Whether it’s accepting your body the way it is or making healthy changes for a better quality of life hypnotherapy reprogrammes your brain pathways to support you.

For hypnotherapy to have the greatest impact you must be ready to do the work. It won’t have the impact you want if you continue to embrace the same habits that you have in the past but it will support you in breaking them.

Weight management or weight loss is usually best achieved with diet and exercise. If you’ve tried diet and exercise but are still struggling to meet your weight-loss goal, it may be helpful to try hypnotherapy to support the changes that you are trying to make.

As a hypnotherapist and coach, I don’t just offer hypnotherapy to those that are interested in weight loss or body acceptance. I offer coaching as well. As part of this, we will work together to set smart goals tailored specifically to your needs. It will encourage you to set your own tasks and steps to achieving your goals which we can review weekly. Hypnotherapy goes hand-in-hand with helping to strengthen your resolve and retrain your brain to no longer want to seek out the negative patterns that you’ve been stuck in.

I work with those that are obese or overweight to change their lifestyle, I will also work with those that want to lead healthier lifestyles to motivate them in their path. If someone is in a healthy weight range but feels that they need to lose weight to fit a perceived body image, I will happily work with them in accepting themselves.

If you are interested in creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself or becoming more willing to accept the you that you are please get in touch for information on my packages.


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