Anxiety and Hypnotherapy

You may be aware from my other blog posts I suffer from anxiety. I’ve previously shared my personal journey with anxiety and how I manage it (Anxiety the Little Friend who Sits on my Shoulder). In wellbeing coaching, anxiety and stress management are common themes in what clients come to me looking for support for. This week’s blog is going to focus specifically on the use of hypnotherapy in anxiety management. Since starting my hypnotherapy work, I have both been treated for my own anxiety and worked with others to support them with their anxiety.

Research has shown that hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for anxiety and a range of anxiety-related disorders or issues where anxiety is at the root. To read scholarly articles on the relationship between hypnotherapy and anxiety click here.

How can hypnotherapy help with anxiety?

Each hypnotherapy session involves getting into a state of deep relaxation, reducing immediate levels of stress and anxiety. With clients that are dealing with anxiety, I find that taking the time to use a PMR induction and deepener really helps them to get into a deep state of relaxation and trance. Once you are in this relaxed state of trance hypnotherapy can help you to learn new approaches to managing your anxiety and the issues that cause it. It also teaches you how to be able to relax through self-hypnosis. Using hypnosis, you can move through events in your life to identify the initial events that triggered your anxiety. These past traumas can create patterns that recur and trigger anxiety. Hypnotherapy can help to create new pathways in your brain that allow you to reframe triggers. Hypnotherapy can also help you to manage some of the comforting behaviours we can often adopt when suffering from anxiety for example if you are someone who bites their nails, stammers or experiences rapid thoughts when struggling with anxiety hypnotherapy can address and remove those unwanted behavioural responses by through direct suggestion and reframing strategies.

If you would like to book an initial consultation or find out more about how I can support you with your anxiety issues please get in touch.


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