Sparkle and Shine

We are heading into what I always feel is the longest and most miserable part of the year, although it’s often a shorter term it just feels never ending! It’s hard sometimes to maintain our energy levels and feel the joy of what we do as much as we all love teaching and being with the children our jobs aren’t solely about this and there can be many external factors that bring down our energy levels and steal our sparkle and joy.

Here are some top tips to maintain your sparkle this week:

  1. Notice the joy…if you are working in a school surrounded by children there’s always joy to see we just sometimes have to take the time to look for it. It could be something small…you manage to drink your tea before it goes cold. It could be something unlikely…those 2 best friends giggling together about something they did at playtime instead of getting on with their work; yes you should tell them off but maybe take the time to find out the joke enjoy it then gentle move them on.
  2. Gratitude…I’ll be honest I can sometimes find this hard. What I do find that works is to list 3 things I’m thankful for just before I drop off to sleep. Again they might be small…I might have got all tomorrow’s prep done or I got to do my morning walk before it started chucking it down.
  3. If you’re struggling to find joy in your week plan it for yourself! Plan to meet up with a friend over the weekend, buy some really good quality ingredients to cook a special dinner with (or just sack cooking off and get your favourite takeout), book a self care treat like a mani/pedi etc.
  4. Vitamin D in the colder winter/autumn months it can feel dark and miserable and really hard to maintain any sort of sparkle. When the weather is fine try to get outside, whether it’s for a walk/run or just doing playground duty, see if you can join in a game with the children…my personal favourite as a primary teacher is tag but football, netball or other team sports also work.
  5. Hygge… this is a Danish concept that has become very popular over the last few years and as you may have noticed is something I really love. Instead of feeling miserable by the weather lean into it. Make a hot toddy, grab a good book/knitting/art/film (insert favourite option here), grab a blanket and cushions, light some candles and enjoy a nice quiet evening. Alternatively invite some friends round for a nice meal you all cook together.

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