Welcome to BonOva Wellness, wellbeing coaching for teachers, parents and children. For me, a well-being coach helps you to look at your whole self holistically. It gives you the tools and resources to understand your whole life and the impact it has on your well-being and optimise it so that you can live a high wellness life at work, at rest and at play.

I focus on both long and short term goals, I help you to identify areas where you need to bring more balance and support you to do this. My main focus is currently coaching but I am also working towards my hypnotherapy diploma and within the next 6 months, I will be adding this to my repertoire.

What I offer each client differs, my initial focus was working with teachers suffering with burnout but wellbeing isn’t limited to self-care or fitness. I can offer support with:

  • Preventing or recovering from burnout
  • Improving your overall nutrition
  • Learning how to sleep better
  • Reducing anxiety and stress in your life
  • Creating balance/setting goals
  • Managing midlife and menopause symptoms

You don’t have to be unwell to work with a wellbeing coach! As with other types of coaching such as life coaching or career coaching, working with a wellbeing coach is about helping you to discover what works for you so that you can make a positive change to your wellbeing.

Who am I?

I am Jane a teacher and wellbeing coach. I understand all too well the demands of teaching, having been through workplace stress and burnout myself. I now work with teachers and schools to help them grow in positivity, develop a focus on wellbeing and self-care to banish burnout and minimise stress.

What do I do?

Personal Wellbeing

Individual wellbeing and accountability sessions UK wide via zoom or teams. I’ll use my knowledge and the information that you share with me, to help you identify and implement sustainable personal wellness goals. They’ll be goals that form part of your personal long term wellness strategy for improving your wellbeing.

Support for schools

Supporting school wellbeing leads, headteachers with bespoke wellbeing packages including individual and group coaching, staff training and other resources.


Jane’s manner from the outset was one of genuine concern and desire to help; her fine sense of empathy was much appreciated, especially when discussing sensitive issues, which proved to be key to unearthing core issues for treatment, making her treatment plan relevant and thus very effective.

Jane answered my questions fully and made me feel comfortable throughout the sessions, so I felt I was in good hands. She showed fine listening skills and I felt I could open up to her. I was able to make major progress with my issues through her treatment, and which thankfully continues for me after it.

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